Send your leads to web page that accurately reflects your high-calibre brand.

A landing page is a standalone website page with a focus on converting traffic into leads. We use tasteful design and intuitive direction to encourage leads to share their contact information in exchange for your valuable services.

We can create short style landing pages as the second-part to a social media advertisement or detailed landing pages to showcase you as a realtor, your dynamic brokerage, a new pre-construction condo page or anything else within the Real Estate scope.

Mobile-first design is something we at LRA take seriously. The process is essentially prototyping for the smallest screen first and then scaling up for larger screens. It’s the most modern and by far efficient way to build a fully responsive website.

We can guarantee that no matter what platform your leads are on, they’ll be able to see your content and fill out your form.

Showcase your services like you would a luxury home.

Keep your form short and sweet.
It’s always tempting to add several form fields because the thought is “get the information while the user is on the web page”. This thought is actually counter-intuitive. Keeping forms short and sweet will increase the likelihood of it being filled out but most importantly modern devices will autofill the common fields. Making it so simple that a user only has to click the submit button and convert.

Limit the number of actions a potential lead can take.
Short and sweet wins again. Too many links on a landing page will navigate visitors away from the page and reduce the chance of a conversion.

Truly capture with an attractive and intuitive design.
The quality and style of your landing page reflects your business. The same goes for your digital ads on social media. We make sure all of our ads and websites follow your brand suit but also appear visually attractive. If your prospects see that you’ve put the effort into your online details, they’ll know you do the same in person!

Get a Tailored Quote

Build a tailored quote by selecting services that match your business needs. Once you’ve submitted your quote and contact information, a member of our sales team will reach out and get the ball rolling!