Share your story with Instagram’s highly engaged audience.

Just like Facebook, Instagram is the best online platform to drive awareness and to create deeper professional relationships. In the Real Estate world, building that connected relationship will lead to long-term opportunities and advantages.

Because Facebook and Instagram are under the same ownership, it’s intuitive and simple to connect both platforms together when making ads. We don’t even need to create different content for Instagram, what’s advertised on FB can be shown on people’s Instagram Feed, in their stories and within Instagram Explore.

We create a clean, simple and enticing image ad that inspires action.
Visually immerse your audience using sight, sound and motion. With Instagram, we can create video ads up to 60 seconds long in landscape or square format.
Enticing image ads but with an added layer of depth where people can swipe to view additional photos or videos in a single ad. Perfect for advertising multiple properties!

The best ad content is created with your audience demographics in mind.

A winning method that we at LRA use when creating ads is to keep in mind the type of people who want your services.

If the majority of your followers are 25-65 years old in Toronto, we incorporate elements in your text, photos and videos that this audience will appreciate and relate to. This way, your digital ads can speak to the people that really make up your community.

We’ll have access to metrics related to your Instagram ad performance, demographics, placement, and delivery data by using Instagram Insights.

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