Video and audio advertising that is all-encompassing.

At LRA, we pride ourselves by providing a full multimedia solution for all your digital advertising needs. We realize the importance of custom created content and will work directly with you to help you achieve your vision.

Whether it’s footage for a promotional video, a 3D viewing, a VR showcase or an aerial drone shot of a property, we have all the tools and experience to get your project off the ground! All footage is shot, compiled and edited in-house, in order for you to get the best results within your ideal timeline!

We produce top quality modern real estate promo videos that show off your property . By highlighting the best features, get your perspective buyers to fall in love with your property before they even see it.

Music will take your video to the next level.

Once you have your ideal footage, you might want to spice it up with some royalty-free music. However, searching for a complementary soundtrack might prove to be challenging, as the music is often cheesy and can sound dated. We have you covered! We’re able to create custom audio (music/sfx) to add to your project and will even match the music genre and style you’re looking for! Once again, this is an in-house service and we’ll keep you posted with our process.

We’ve proudly mentioned in-house services for all our multimedia needs, but how does this benefit you?

First and foremost, the price! We offer discounts for a full-service multimedia package and don’t require outsourcing, which can significantly reduce our overhead.

Another (often surprising) bonus of using an in-house service is that we’re happy to share our progress with you! Meaning, if you’re trying to build social media awareness of a property or campaign, we can provide you with creatively shot, raw “in-the-works” footage for you to use as promotional teasers that build-up to the final completed product.

Lastly, you’re supporting local! We’re a small team that believes in providing the Real Estate community with quality content and services. Your success is our success and we reinvest our profits right back into the business, to continue to grow and train our employees.

See below for a few visual examples of property walk-throughs.

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