Using Social Media to Keep Your Real Estate Business Moving

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Many industries are being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, including real estate.

Using the avenues of social media and digital communication to support your real estate business is crucial during this time of uncertainty.

We’ve comprised a list of ways to keep in touch with your existing leads and potential new ones.

As business owners, individuals and members of our communities – we will face challenging times that impact our financial flow. But, when the going gets tough, we will adapt.

Here are some top tips for maintaining clientele during down-swings in the real estate industry:

Check on Clients

Whether you worked with someone to buy or sell a home, find a lease, or invest in a pre-construction property – send them an email. 

Make sure your email is genuine and if you use a template, try to make minor adjustments that include personal touches. Some personal touches could include family names, pet names, or ways of lifestyle that’s specific to that client. 

Ask questions like “are you enjoying your new home?” or “how is your lease going?”. Follow-up is positive rapport and will keep your services in front-of-mind when that old client needs something else or has a family member/friend in need of real estate advice.

If you work in the pre-construction condo industry, this is the time to keep clients calm and reassured that their investment is stable. 

Just like real estate, condo development services are facing paused projects and in turn your clients pre-construction condo investment may be delayed for an unknown amount of time. 

This is the time for you, as a real estate professional, to reach out to your clients first.  Showing you’re proactive, confident and supportive of their needs.

Inform All Clients of Your Unwavering Support

Be transparent at this time of need and let others know you’re committed to business continuity and that service is unwavering. Just because business has been moved to remote operations, doesn’t mean needs can’t be met. Make that message clear and that will help keep your pipeline full.

The best ways to send that message out is through an Instagram and Facebook post that links to a blog post or suggests sign-up for your email subscriptions. 

Make Your Social Media Accounts Shine

Now that businesses have been moved remote and we have a bit more time in a workday (no transit to and from is a silver lining). Use this added time to make your Facebook and Instagram account stand out.  Post informational and/or supportive content, do a ‘meet the team’ (and feel free to include your at-home four-legged furry coworker), or repost from helpful sources.

Showcase Your Luxury Homes Digitally

Due to this widespread virus, open houses are not permitted but that doesn’t mean homes can’t be showcased. Using high-resolution property photos, property videos, and/or professional floor plans will help to bring a for sale home to life!

Increase Email or Blog Subscribers

Take advantage of the increased interest from your existing clients or potential new ones. Due to these trying times, there are many people watching the real estate market and considering their own options. Lead these interested buyers/sellers to your email subscription or blog page.

Of course, make sure you’re sending out emails regularly and posting to your blog if you’re sending clients there.

If you’re strapped for content – do some research! Check out your real estate competitors blog and see what they’ve got going on. If you’re part of a larger brokerage like Sotheby’s, Royal Lepage or Remax, see what content you can use from your portal connections or check out the main website’s blog.  You can easily reword the content but keep the message similar.

Increase Traffic to Your Website with Paid Ads

Foot-traffic may be reduced but digital traffic is thriving, especially with so many people at home looking to keep busy.

Think of the most important pages on your website, to make it easy – think of the top 3.  Maybe you’re a real estate agent with a featured listing page, you’re a developer with project status updates, or you’re a brokerage with a map search that tracks users. These are all examples of web pages that can easily be advertised on Facebook or Instagram that will result in new leads.

Once you run your website ads for a few weeks, you can easily run a remarketing campaign. This is a crucial advertising method to remind interested people of your services. 

Staying in front-of-mind is of the utmost importance when it seems like real estate is on halt. Whether an interested person needs something now or after the pandemic has cleared, your luxury business and brand will be recognized as resilient and dependable.



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