The Benefits of Instagram Advertising

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Instagram is owned by Facebook, so you think the rules would be similar (and they are), but the two networks do have some key differences that savvy advertisers will want to pay attention to. At LRA, we highly encourage our clients to promote eye-catching, visual content to engage users immediately, which can (and should be) utilized by both Facebook and Instagram. The difference is that Facebook allows you to create text-only posts, which we don’t suggest, even if the content is incredible! Always try and add imagery or video to your content to help grab attention and stand out.

We’re assuming you already have a Facebook and Instagram profile, so when you post to one network, it’s often a good idea to post to both!

However, we’ve noticed that visually pleasing images tend to gain more traction on Instagram, especially with the proper use of hashtags. Sure, Facebook has those too, but when’s the last time you’ve personally looked into those? Instagram actively promotes searching through content and will curate your search library based off of your past content and what your other connections are engaging with.

Do your #HashtagHomework! Before slapping on the first 10 keywords that come to mind, you should be looking into each hashtag and gauging its popularity. Is it active? Does it accurately reflect your brand? Is it informative enough? While the hashtag #cool has over 158 million posts associated with it, how many of those posts stick to a general theme?

We’ll assume that if you’re on this blog, you’re focused more on Real Estate Advertising, so keep in mind that if you’re using the #realestate hashtag, you’re essentially competing for space with the rest of the world! It’s very easy for that hashtag to get lost in the plethora of the 2,000 other posts that will appear one minute after you hit share. Hashtags like those are more “lottery ticket tags”, in the sense that, you might get lucky and reach an interested buyer who’s in your area, but you’re far better off using #realestatetoronto or #gtarealestate to better target your areas of interest.

Another big, often underutilized aspect of Instagram is meaningful engagement! As an agent, if you’re selling in Toronto, you should actively be searching through the #toronto or #torontorealestate (and tons of other related hashtags) for real estate related posts, but also charitably imparting all the knowledge you’ve gained throughout your career. It could be something related to property taxes, or maybe home buyer incentives or something as simple as the best coffee place Downtown.

Having a thorough understanding of your area is a quick way for you to gain credibility as not only an agent but as someone who is an invested member of the community. Someone who knows and loves the area so much, they’ve dedicated their careers to helping others find a place to settle down here.

At LRA, we help you find the most engaging hashtags and will create stunning visual content that reflects your brand and looks professional and modern enough to stand out from other similar ads. We believe in a transparent workflow with our clients, so get in touch today to learn more about how we’re able to help your real estate business grow.



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