The Benefits of Facebook Advertising

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Facebook is the largest social media network to date.  As a business owner, it would be a loss to not take advantage of this large social platform.

Advanced Audience Targeting

The Facebook Business Manager is a service that allows for businesses (who have a FB page) to plan and create ads that will display across the Facebook and Instagram network.  When curating ads the campaign manager will request settings that funnel your ideal audience for targeting purposes. These settings are based on FB profile information.

  • When users create Facebook profiles, they are encouraged to enter personal information such as date of birth, address, family members, interests, and much more.  This information is stored by Facebook and can be applied when narrowing down a target audience within Facebook business manager.

This is a clear advantage of using Facebook when it comes to digital advertising, the network already stores intricate details on each user and this information can be easily applied when using FB for paid digital advertising.

A Go-To Network

It’s a known fact that 80% of all Internet users are on Facebook, which means billions of users check Facebook multiple times a day.  That level of advertising reach is just not possible offline or on any other platform for the reasonable price that Facebook offers.
If people are already using Facebook daily, why not advertise to them while they’re there? It’s a perfect online network to tap in to and reach millions.

The Most Affordable Form of Advertising

Another major benefit of Facebook advertising is how affordable it is.  Simply spending $5.00 could allow your ad to reach 1,000 people. Compared to ads on the radio, like television commercials, billboards or other traditional media where the audience is less targeted and its way more expensive.

See Immediate Results

Digital advertising is fast and drives immediate results.  Using Facebook Analytics means access to information about your ad results, new traffic and all conversions.

Results in Increased Awareness

Even if increasing your friend count or creating more social buzz isn’t directly your goal when advertising on Facebook, it does come as a happy side-effect. Every time your ad runs people can engage with it (whether it’s an image, video, story, etc.) and if they like what they see you’ll very likely receive a follow or friend request.

Easily Advertise to Your Website Visitors

Have you ever visited a website and then saw their ad on Facebook shortly after? This is known as remarketing. Facebook remarketing is an advertising tactic that essentially follows the online identity of someone who has visited your website and places relevant ads on social media platforms after. This is hugely beneficial because the more a person sees your brand, the more likely they are to pursue you.

Quick Lead Conversions

Facebook and Instagram have a very handy tool called “lead generation”.  Lead Generation allows for an immediate form to appear after a person clicks your digital ad that auto-fills their first name, last name, email and phone number.  This simplified process makes it so easy for an interested user to just click submit and you’ll have a new lead!

If you are interested in starting Facebook Advertising for your business, check out our Facebook Ads for more information and contact us directly and our team at LRA will be ready to help!



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