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Real Estate advertisement is one of the most challenging forms of marketing, mainly because it’s the largest financial commitment most people ever make. It’s often said that it’s a marathon, not a sprint, but in order to get the marathon started, the potential home buyer needs to first be enticed with a compelling ad that catches their attention. We’ll be focusing primarily on digital advertising, as it provides the most bang for your advertising dollar, however, these concepts can be applied to other forms of advertising, as well.

First and foremost, unless you’re selling an extremely unique property, picture/video quality is the majority of what will help your ads to stand out. Without an attractive image or video, it will be exponentially more difficult to have potential customers traverse through your desired sales funnel. Unless you’re already an experienced photographer/videographer with professional-grade equipment, it’s probably the best move to hire a professional. Once the shoot is done, you’ll have plenty of material to promote various appealing aspects of the property. 

Once images/video clips have been selected, it’s wise to wrap them with promotional material and some sort of call to action, in addition to a writeup below the post. It’s again a wise idea to work with someone who has experience with ad creation, as their attention to detail and design choices will help reflect the style/image of the property you’re promoting. Proper typeface selection, colour, ad copy and placement are vital to best emphasize and highlight the top features of your ad, without being too overbearing or distracting from your intended goals.

With video, it’s a little different, as you’ll have the flexibility to carefully select when and where in the clip you’d like to include strategically placed information. The advantage here is that you can include significantly more details than with an image ad, while still keeping things stylistically minimal and clean. 

The call to action (CTA) will differ from property to property and depends on a ton of various factors, however, we haven’t met a client who didn’t already have some general CTA ideas before getting in touch with us. In a continuously growing market, apprehension and second-guessing are to be expected, so enticing your potential buyers or renters can help ease some woes and concerns by sweetening the deal through a variety of offers and incentives. 

As individual competition continues to increase alongside the real estate market, it’s becoming more and more necessary for your ads to stand out from the rest, while staying true to your brand image and reputation. Clear, beautifully shot photos and videos are a vital foundation to this process, followed by compelling ad copy and a graphically pleasing layout with a CTA that will truly entice potential prospects, leading to more form conversions and closed deals.



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